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At Dos El Caminos we strive to live up to our name.  Our loads are developed for maximum accuracy using our own weapons.  All of our once-fired brass is cleaned twice, ultrasonically in liquid, once after depriming and again after full-length sizing.   We inspect every case to insure that no defective cases are loaded or sold.  Our hand loads are not “hot” loaded, but will function perfectly in guns with standard chambers.

Our ammunition is sold in 20 and 50 round boxes, and labeled with the caliber, bullet weight and powder charge.  Special orders are available on request.  If you are shooting for the best accuracy, we sort the ammunition by headstamp, since the internal volume of the cases has an effect on accuracy.   

Please shoot safely and responsibly, and do all you can to protect our second amendment rights!  Thank you for purchasing Dos El Caminos Precision Ammunition!

Chuck and Mark

Every precaution should be taken for SAFE HANDLING of ALL ammunition.  Inspect ammunition upon receipt, and look for signs of damage.  Since we cannot control handling, storage and use after this product leaves our plant, we make no warranties, either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties or fitness for a particular purpose.

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